Lead Nitrate Shipment Announcement

Lead Nitrate Shipment Announcement

We are  pleased to have  delivered a trial order of 6 tons lead nitrate to a customer in  Eurasian region.  Lead nitrate will be used as an accelerator in gold cyanidation process.

Product Application

To improve cyanidation lead nitrate is known to enhance gold recovery and also lowers cyanide consumption, especially in the presence of sulphide minerals. Dosing of lead nitrate varies from one mine to another.

Product Specifications:
UN# 1469 Dangerous goods classification 5.1 and 6.1 HazChem risk

Code: 2Y; Pack Group: II; CAS# 10099-74-8.

Shipping & Packing options.

  • 25kg bags
  • Palletized & shrink wrapped.

Kemcore lead nitrate is manufactured in China with minimum 99% Pb(NO3)2 content.

Packaging and Loading

We offer 2 types of packing:

1- 25kg bags , lined with moisture resistant plastic liner.

2- 1,000 kg of Product per Supersack bag. Supersack bags to have lifting straps / loops, no discharge trunk on bottom. Supersack bags to have moisture resistant double plastic inside liner

Kemcore supplies lead nitrate with minimum Content of 99% Pb(NO3)2.   

Contact us to receive a custom Lead Nitrate quotation or visit our product page for more information.