Kemcore launches Online Store for Mining Chemicals

Kemcore launches Online Store for Mining Chemicals

Hong Kong, China - 1/04/2015 - Kemcore today introduced the Online Store for Mining Chemicals (, a one-stop shop for mining and water treatment chemicals. Kemcore's online store features real time chemical prices – at factory prices, instant shipping freight rates, and tracking of all shipments with just a few clicks.

“Mining companies have been hit hard with falling mineral prices on international trading exchanges, said Calisto Radithipa, Kemcore’s Co-founder. “There is a big disparity in mining chemicals costs and consumables around the world. Mining companies, especially in Africa and South America, tend to pay the highest prices per ton for mining chemicals and grinding media. I know traders in these markets who won’t accept anything less than 100% profit margins. To stay competitive, the mines must therefore control their costs – even the best credit terms cannot be compared with the potential savings that can be achieved though our platform. is a great facility for mining companies around the world to use so that they can benefit from the advantages of sourcing from Asia without setting up a fulltime office in the region”.

Although the cost of Asian mining reagents is attractive to today’s mining customers, the procurement process can be a long and arduous task, fraught with delays, cost uncertainties, and numerous administrative and logistical challenges. Furthermore, it’s often difficult to know which sources to trust. Kemcore’s mining chemicals are sourced from factories supplying more than 95% of major brand mining chemical suppliers. Mining companies can recover literally millions of dollars of hidden profits by re-examining how they procure mining chemicals.

About Kemcore.

Kemcore, a part of 300CC Asia Pacific Ltd, has been involved in sourcing mining chemicals and equipment out of China and Asia since 2007. Kemcore offers a wide selection of mining chemicals and is your online agent of choice to buy explosives agents, flotation reagents (e.g., frothers and collectors), flocculants, solvent extractants, flocculants and dewatering aids -water & wastewater treatment chemicals. With headquarters in Hong Kong and sourcing offices across China, Kemcore serves a large global client base, providing them with access to and end-to-end support for Asian-based mining chemicals manufacturers.