D2EHPA Delivery Annoucement

D2EHPA Delivery Annoucement

Kemcore is pleased to deliver a spot order of D2EHPA - Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid to a client in South Africa with hydrometallurgical solvent extraction circuit operations in the Southern Africa region. Faced with long lead-time from overseas, the client had an urgent need to source D2EHPA in order not to disrupt production at site. D2EHPA was sourced and delivered within 10 days of inquiry.

There are only a few plants in Africa that have implemented impurity removal and cobalt solvent extraction circuits. This in turn implies that there are only a  few stockists of this speciality chemical reagent. Locally available stocks are normally held on consignment.

D2EHPA Application

BAYSOLVEX® D2EHPA is a solvent extractant for impurity removal process in the extraction circuit in the recovery of zinc, cobalt and nickel purification. In our client's operations  iron impurities are removed in a neutralization circuit followed by other impurity removal with D2EPHA, then precipitating and re-dissolving the cobalt to increase the concentration of the electrolyte feeding cobalt electrowinning. Nickel removal is done with ion exchange prior to electrowinning.

 Production of D2EPHA.

Our D2EPHA is manufactured from a partner factory in Germany.  

Packaging and Loading

Kemcore’s D2EHPA was supplied and delivered in 200kg drums. The product was promptly sourced and delivered through our affiliate office based in Johannesburg, South Africa

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